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Voice Blasts (Telephone Calls)

Posted on 5/31/2013 by PlanIt Team in updates new features featured

PlanIt is excited to announce our latest feature: Voice Blasts which are mass telephone call notifications.

<p>Voice Blasts are modeled after our existing email and text blasts which are used to communicate with employees quickly over email and text. Now, it's possible to call employees phone numbers with a pre-recorded message and even ask for a response.</p>
<p>In real time, you can watch as PlanIt calls your pre-selected list of employees and plays your recorded message. If they do not answer, PlanIt can leave an optional voice mail. During your message, you can ask employees to press any key on their phone to serve as a response. You'll see in real time as your employees press a key. </p>
<p>PlanIt can even make it appear as if phone calls are coming from your organization's phone number with our verified caller ID system. Employees will be able to easily identify the call which ensures a higher rate of answers.</p>
<p>PlanIt offers this feature for all subscribers for free with a monthly minute credit system.</p>
<p>Voice Blasts could provide critical notifications to all your employees not just those who are comfortable with texting or are quick to check their inbox. </p>


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Also Available

Also Available

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A variety of scheduling related tools are also available, built specifically for EMS, Fire, Police, and Dispatch organizations.

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